About Us

Dina Steel Kaveh Company, with its field research and long experience of 30 years in the kitchen appliances market and a sufficient knowledge of the market, found the conditions to enter the field of production of different types of fork spoon services with different brands and subsequently with round the clock efforts. And buying technology, expanding technical know-how, supplying machinery, supplying the highest quality stainless steel raw materials, began its production. In addition to gaining the trust and meeting the needs of fellow citizens, it has provided employment opportunities for dear compatriots directly and indirectly. Dina Steel Kaveh Company considers the production and supply of quality products on the Billboard of its Consumer Rights Charter and strives to present, in addition to quality, a variety of modern and beautiful designs of products that come from the efforts, experience and skills of design and molding specialists. Keep up-to-date with customers’ identifying and interest in their different designs and tastes.